Aqueous Parts Washers & Cleaning Equipment

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International Plating Technology has the experience to design and manufacture an industrial cleaning machine specific to your part production requirements. Our industrial cleaning machines are available in automatic hoist systems for basket or rack transfer, continuous conveyor, rotary drum and rotary table.

Typical IPT Cleaning Systems

Industrial Hoist Cleaning Machine

Large, Heavy Duty Overhead
Hoist Cleaning System

This system uses a unique fixture rotating system that rotates large parts within the tanks and above the tanks to aid cleaning and to minimize dragout.

7-Part Phosphate Cleaning System

Dual Lane Conveyor
7 Stage Cleaning Phosphate System

Stainless steel construction with steam heat. Designed for 200 pound parts removing machining oils, chips, prep for painting and drying. Large hinged access doors for servicing the spray headers. Many sizes and configurations available.

Gas-fired stamped component cleaning system

Six Stage
Monorail Processing System

Stainless steel construction, heavy duty base frame, gas fired heat. Designed to clean and dry various size stamped components. Large access doors (not shown), to service quick disconnect spray nozzles.

Industrial Copper and Aluminum Cleaner

Rotary Drum
Continuous or Batch Process

Stainless steel construction. Various sizes and processes available. Heavy duty construction with easy access for maintenance. Unit shown is a batch system designed to clean and burnish copper and aluminum stamped parts in 4 cubic foot batches. PLC control, steam heat and automatic water make-up.

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