Automated Hoists

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International Plating Technology can provide Automated Hoists to fit each customer's specific needs. A variety of control systems are available for each application.

Overhead Hoists

Typically provided for larger applications from 750-10,000lbs. Hoists are supported above from a structural steel frame.

Cantilever or Side Arm Hoists

Typically provided for applications up to 1000lbs. Hoists are supported on the side from a structural steel frame. Lighter duty hoists of 350lbs or less are available in stainless steel.

Rail or Low Profile Hoists

Typically provided for larger applications from 750-10,000lbs where ceiling height is a problem. Hoists are supported below by a dual rail structure.

Standard Features
  • Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Laser Positioning Systems
  • Poly Lift Straps

  • Controls
  • Extensive in-house capabilities in developing controls specifically for each customers needs
  • Simple PLC fixed tideway systems using AB, GE or PLC's
  • PC Base systems for monitoring and controlling of process and part number data
  • Working with IPT, "Control Partners", IPT can provide complete PC based "Random Loading and Optimization" software packages maximizing production, reporting and part scheduling

  • Optional Features
  • Barrel Rotators
  • Basket Rotators
  • Ventilation Enclosures
  • SS Frame Construction
  • Wirless Remotes
  • UL Compliant
  • Overhead Hoist Automated Computer Control

    Industrial Hoist Blueprint Schematic

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