Capabilities of International Plating Technology

Flash VideoElectroplating Equipment & Anodizing Systems

International Plating Technology can provide you with an array of services based on our expertise, experience and the following capabilities:

Electroplating & Anodizing Systems

• Rack Lines (Overhead, Cantilever and
Rail Systems to 10,000 lbs.)
• Barrel Lines (Poly and SS to 5,000 lbs.)
• Return Type Machines
• Manual Lines
• Barrels, Tanks and Parts

Waste Treatment

• Batch Systems
• Continuous
• Zero Discharge
• DI Systems
• Clarifiers
• Evaporators

Aqueous Cleaning

• Large Rotating Baskets or Fixtures up to 5,000 lbs.
• Rotary Drum, Conveyor or Rotary Wash

Conveyor/Continuous Processing Systems

• E-Coat
• Cleaning


• Recirculating Box
• Recirculating Conveyor

Equipment Rebuild & Process Modifications

• Installations and Demolition
• Process Modification and Complete Refurbishment

Aqueous Cleaning

• Barrel Loaders and Dumpers
• Automated Barrel Covers
• Conveyor Systems
• Automatic Parts Racking

Ventilation Systems

Aqueous Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Ventilation Systems

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