Loaders & Material Handling Systems

Flash Videocustom fabricated loaders and material handling equipment

International Plating Technology provides standard and custom fabricated loaders and material handling equipment to fit an existing or new application. We can provide you with an ergonomically acceptable operator interface and at the same time minimize the number of operators required to run your equipment. Using our own standard designs as well as our alliance partners can provide a cost effective solution for your material handling needs.

International Plating Technology can provide hoist and RTM machines with conveyors and special loaders which minimize the need for more operators to interface with existing handling systems.

• Bin loaders/dumpers
• Barrel loading vibratory feeders
• Automatic Weighing
• Automatic Counting
• Automated open/close barrel covers requiring no operator
• Basket loaders
• Conveyors
• PLC or PC based control systems available to meet any    custom application

Automatic Racking

International Plating Technology working with our vendor partner Versadec can provide Automated robot systems with auto spreader features for unique applications that require automatic part racking. The equipment design using servo drives can load/unload raw parts from a conveyor, automatically spreads the parts and load onto a rack grid. The finished parts are unloaded from the rack and placed on an exit conveyor.

Industrial Conveyor Equipment

Automatic Part Racking Machine
Custom Parts Conveyor

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