Electroplating Process Tanks, Barrels, & Parts

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International Plating Technology, through its many alliances and vendor partners, supplies tanks, barrels and their components as well as services such as equipment refurbishing, transfers and upgrades.

We're Also Capable of Supplying Parts for Existing Equipment Such As:

• Most Plating Suppliers
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International Plating Technology also Supplies:

• Production Barrels of Polypropylene, Steel or Stainless Steel.    Sizes to 60" & 5,000 lbs.
• Rotating Basket Fixtures
• Custom Tanks of Steel, Stainless, Polypropylene or
   Special Liners

Custom Equipment Skids

Unique engineering, fabrication and assembly capabilities allows International Plating Technology to supply services to the power and chemical process industries.

A Long Polypropylene Electroplating Tank Liner

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