Automated Hoists

Customize Your Automated Hoist & Automated Plating Equipment

International Plating Technology can provide Automated Hoists to fit each customer’s specific needs. A variety of control systems are available for each application.

Automatic hoist manufacturing is the process of designing, fabricating and installing a line of hoists for use in a wide variety of applications. Automatic hoists are used in many industries, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, stockrooms and distribution centers.

Hoist manufacturers like IPT LLC design products with ease-of-use in mind. We want to make sure that operators can quickly learn how to operate the equipment and that operators can move from simple tasks to more complex ones with ease. This makes it easier for companies to keep their workers productive and efficient while reducing their training costs.

We offer a wide range of automatic hoist systems for the automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment industries. Our team of engineers can design a custom solution to fit your application.

Automated Hoist Systems

Overhead Automated Hoists

Typically provided for larger applications from 750-10,000lbs. Hoists are supported above from a structural steel frame.

Cantilever or Side Arm Hoists

Typically provided for applications up to 1000lbs. Hoists are supported on the side from a structural steel frame. Lighter duty hoists of 350lbs or less are available in stainless steel.

Rail or Low Profile Hoists

Typically provided for larger applications from 750-10,000lbs where ceiling height is a problem. Hoists are supported below by a dual rail structure.

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Automated Hoists

Automated Hoist Software

IPT LLC provides a wide range of software solutions for your automated hoist system. Automated hoist software is typically used in conjunction with machinery and equipment that lifts, transports, and/or moves loads. In the industrial setting this includes cranes, hoists, elevators, conveyors, and other similar devices.

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  • Extensive in-house capabilities in developing controls specifically for each customers needs
  • Simple PLC fixed tideway systems using AB, Siemens, or GE PLC’s
  • PC Base systems for monitoring and controlling of process and part number data
  • Working with IPT “Control Partners”, IPT can provide complete PC based “Random Loading and Optimization” software packages maximizing production, reporting and part scheduling

Standard Hoist Features

  • Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Laser Positioning Systems
  • Poly Lift Straps

Optional Hoist Features

  • Barrel Rotators
  • Basket Rotators
  • Ventilation Enclosures
  • SS Frame Construction
  • Wirless Remotes
  • UL Compliant