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Continuous Wet Process Systems & Wet Processing Equipment Manufacturing

International Plating Technology is a wet processing equipment company that specializes in custom wet process systems covering a wide range of special solution requirements. The need for immersion and spray systems covering such processes as Cleaning, Etching, Phosphating, E-Coat, Lubrication and Drying has led to the incorporation of sophisticated controls for production and process management.

The wet processing equipment and systems we provide are the most advanced, flexible and efficient in the industry. Our systems are designed to meet your specific needs, from one-of-a-kind applications to standard designs.

Cleaning is one of the most common uses of wet processing systems. Many parts need to be cleaned before they can be processed further or assembled into a finished product. Some examples include cleaning parts before electroplating or anodizing them, or cleaning parts after the electroplating process is complete. The cleaning process can involve any combination of chemicals, acids or other chemicals depending on what you’re trying to clean off your part.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including wet process equipment, system design and installation. Our custom engineered systems are designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most efficient and cost effective solution.

What They Require

High production conveyor systems also require unique designs for solution handling in spray segments and immersion sections utilizing filtration and agitation methods incorporating overflow weirs, filtering sumps and eductor piping utilizing sophisticated flow monitors and pressure drop indicators to balance and monitor the operation.

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Continuous Wet Process System

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The run-off and overspray vestibule designs between segments or process steps must be carefully designed to minimize contamination and salvage chemistries wherever possible.

International Plating Technology can provide a continuous process system that delivers the performance your need.