Return Type Indexing Machines

Return Type (Indexing) Machines

An indexing machine is a piece of equipment that allows very precise positioning of workpieces. Indexing machines are used in many industries, including the automobile industry, aerospace industry and construction industry.

International Plating Technology’s return type machines “RTM” are ideal for the customer that has medium to high production needs with minimal expected process variation. The machines are of heavy duty design, are extremely reliable and constructed for years of service with minimal operator or maintenance costs.

It is often necessary to plate or chrome plate multiple parts at different angles or positions on the same plating tank. This can be accomplished by using an indexing device that allows each part to be positioned and held at any angle from 0° through 90° from vertical. When properly designed, these machines will hold parts in position during electroplating operations.

The International Plating Technology return type machine processes racks or baskets sequentially in a circular motion using an elevator/conveyor dwell type system. The racks in single or dual file are supported by horizontal carrier arms which will be raised and lowered in the tanks during processing. It is then smoothly and accurately indexed in a horizontal motion to the next station by a predetermined cycle.

How the Arms Work

The carrier arms are supported on a rugged steel framework and guided using cam followers. Carrier arms are drawn by a chain and sprocket assembly gliding smoothly within channels. A hydraulic powerpack provides lifting and horizontal motion.

Return Type Schematic 2

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Return Type Indexing

Variety of Options

A variety of options are available based on the processes to be performed:

  • Automatic loading/unloading from customer material loading systems
  • Rack Storage
  • Live Entry / Exit of Rectification
  • Process By-Pass, Delayed Lift / Set Down
  • Work Agitation for Enhanced Cleanin