Plating Maintenance Refurbishment Process Change Installations

Revamp, Process Changes, Installations & Dismantling

International Plating Technology not only supplies new equipment but has the capability and resources for equipment reconditioning as well as modifications due to process changes. Using our field service partner International Industrial Services, IPT can provide:

Your One Stop Shop

International Plating Technology is the single source for engineering the modifications, having technicians OSHA certified to work in a chemical environment and make field equipment changes as needed.

  • Long term maintenance work
  • General cleaning, repainting & reconditioning

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We Do It All

We can provide any/all field services to install, move or just dismantle plating facilities, waste treatment plants or general chemical plants.


We’re Experts

Our engineers understand chemical processes and the unique challenges when working with this type of equipment, such as:

  • Revise processes on existing equipment per customer’s new requirements
  • Recondition existing equipment with our parts or yours
  • Expertise to handle equipment changes in a chemical environment
  • Compete facility moves and dismantling
  • Controls modifications
  • Ventilation installations